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Celebrating Spring

I was at Target over the weekend and got sucked into the value bins at the front of the store (like the stereotypical all-American woman does) and found a little ring dish with this saying on it “no matter how long the winter is, spring is sure to come.” I of course scooped it up along with a “sunny days ahead” ring plate to sit in my kitchen and hold my ring while I do dishes (a chore I despise). These hand lettered plates literally made my day and made me excited for the season ahead.

In photography world, January and February feel like a hibernation. A holding pattern to be stuck in---while my inner self is just waiting to get outside and really do something I love. Now, I know I can go out in the bitter cold to shoot and take winter photos, and I do that, I have done that--- but this year honestly, I just wasn’t feeling seeing the beauty in the cold. When I did, I was on a snow tube with my kids and living in the moment. But spring, spring is my time of year! It reminds me of new life, new memories to be made--- my birthday coming up and the prequel to my favorite time of year, summer!!

Next weekend I get to photograph a beautiful woman with an awesome sense of humor, and tell it like it is attitude that resonates me with so much (also an “April baby” who is all about birthdays). I will get to have a part of my life breathed back into me as only photography does. I will get to rally behind a strong woman who has a big milestone birthday to celebrate, and be a small part of her life story. But the photographs I take will be cherished, will capture who she is--- and that to me is powerful and life-giving. Life giving to me, to the client, and to those who receive the image in their mailbox to celebrate her life.

Photography isn’t just a business or a hobby, to those of US who drink it in whole-heartedly….it is so much more. For those of YOU who allow us to live out our art and our craft, thank you. Thankful for upcoming opportunity and warmer days ahead….

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