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Fabulous Families and 5 Years Strong

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

This Wednesday marks 5 years I’ve put my love of photography and my gifting of the art (every aspect of it—working with people, engaging kids, and creating an authentic atmosphere) out into the world publicly! I was blessed to do my magic just last week with this beautiful family. After creating a collection that will soar into the 100+ for images delivered, and 30 personal favorites (highlighted here), I simply had to expand upon a simple Facebook post. So here’s to dusting off this corner of the world (my not so used blog space), and giving a deeper glimpse into the McKenzie/DeVore family session.

In looking over their collection from this hour family session, I am truly touched by the imagery captured. I am moved by sibling interaction, the love and support of a grandmother, the genuine partnership of a couple, and the thought that every human on this planet should be blessed with a great-grandfather and friend like “Ack.” I’m thankful to have captured this session in the heart of Myersdale, Pennsylvania, keeping at the roots of the McKenzie family, and the beloved site of the state’s annual Maple Festival. What a sweet, classic, and inviting backdrop to mirror the love of this family!

This year, 2020, one we so cleverly entered claiming to “see more clearly,” has taken so many of us on our own journeys. I have lived spring and early summer of 2020 as a thrown-into-it homeschool mom/computer technician like many. Most recently, I started a new full time “day job” at another college. Still rooted in the same community, but challenged in new ways. I know I’m beyond blessed to say I secured a new job in the whirlwind that is this global pandemic we call COVID-19. But unlike many, I have felt relatively calm this year, and most of all at peace more times than not. I am thankful to be at a place in life to be unapologetically me and to see where it takes me.

For my life as a photographer, getting behind the lens is such a gift to center me into who I am, and in looking back on these photographs I feel proud. I’m proud I took the jump to share photography with all of you 5 short years ago. I’m proud of my unwavering faith that I claim delicately but boldly, and stand on to shine light to others who can’t seem to look up. I’m excited to work with a bride and groom I signed on for 2021, and the many other families whose lives are interestingly woven into mine, through photography and beyond….

In this space I have the platform to share a tiny piece of who I am-- where I’m at in life, and what I strive for-- I hope I empower you, the reader, the one who stumbled up on my work and my words. May you breathe deeply, live life in color, and give whatever it is you’re doing your best shot!

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