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Ah Kelly Clarkson

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Earlier this week I had to get in my 6 month dental cleaning. Like most of us who are Facebook friends with our dentist (wait, what?! yes I know I’m in the minority here, but she’s super kind), I hear her say something like “looks like you had an amazing time at the concert.” I realize she’s referencing what she saw through social media-- my Christmas gift come to life my husband gave me --- a night of Kelly Clarkson in concert. A gift breathing in the same oxygen with my celebrity “best friend” (she’s in similar company with Lauren Graham and Sandra Bullock)…

With my mouth oddly open for her to check the stellar work of my also super kind dental hygienist--- I make out “I think it was one of the best nights of my life.” Now it’s 2 weeks post-concert, so I’m fairly off my “concert high,” and feel I can genuinely say and feel that statement is true. I didn’t have my Cannon Mark IV in hand, but I can say that night I have photographs that mean something to me. Seeing Kelly live reminded me of the depth of my love for music and art--- my love of SINCERE and genuine artists who produce such good in the world that brings us together. I’m not a singer by trade, but as a photographer I’m reminded the powerful gift of the arts--- of imagery, lyric, song and melody-- allowing people to feel something through art in all forms. An opportunity to create a keepsake that instantly transforms you and takes you back to a different time, reflective of the present or hopeful for the future is just plain powerful. It’s a lofty goal to live out a passion, but I’m reminded to live intentionally as much as possible after nights like that one at Royal Farms Arena.

On the days when life brings me down, tired and worn out--- I can be assured even the most skilled performer feels those dark clouds, BUT they still give their gift. Like Kelly…she often does so night after night, week after week, for months on end…. As a consumer of her craft and huge fan I value that sacrifice. So…. admittedly, I have days I don’t feel 100% but I know I still need to get behind the lens. I know I’m meant to create a piece of something that might transform someone’s day, their week, or maybe even their life. As you approach the weekend, be intentional to get back to who you are. Listen to an old song, pull out that old journal or photo album--- remember who you are and reignite what brings you joy and what can radiate light into this world.

As for me, I’m going to an indoor water park this weekend. I’ll be surrounded by 6 kids—2 are my own and 4 I adore like family. I’m going to live--- to laugh and smile and love and be giving. I hope this family road trip ends up with life giving memories and maybe even some “Since you’ve been gone” or “Heartbeat song” (my daughter’s favorite KC song) karaoke on our way to Ohio. And in case you’re wondering…yes, my camera bag is already packed.

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